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The firm is engaged in the Transfer pricing audit and preparation of the Transfer Pricing study report covering the international transaction as well as Domestic Transaction. The firm has a dedicated team comprising of the expert in the different subject domain including the MBA and Economist who dwell upon the extract the best in the reporting and pricing. 


Capacity Building

Well-Trained and Experienced Resources

This team has worked on the capacity building and is competent to raise the best defense in case of litigation by the Revenue. It has developed a well-trained and sharp legal brain to take up any matter of the TP and international tax at any level of representation . The partner of the firm appears before the Dispute Resolution Panel and Tribunal to represent the matter. The firm undertakes the assignment for the determination of the arm length pricing for both the tangible and intangible related matter covering intra group services and shared services. It uses the external data bases as well researched reports for this purpose. The firm intends to represent the client in the APA (Advance Pricing Agreement) related matter covering both the unilateral and bilateral matters and appear before the competent authority appointed under DTAA. The firm has a special interest on the TP of the intangibles as it gives different aspects of the TP under the Digital Economy and its related Cross border transaction.


Expert Services

High performance and delivery

The firm has a dedicated team of experts with a deep understanding of transfer pricing regulations and practices.

  • – Expertise in transfer pricing
  • – Capacity building and competence
  • – Arm’s length pricing determination
  • – Advance Pricing Agreement representation

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