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Income Tax

The organisation engages in an exceptionally sophisticated, broad-based tax practice, touching many different economic sectors under different situation of changeability, attribution, Capital Gain, incentives, deduction and exemption. It practices in all Income Tax related issue including Assessment, Representation, Certification & Litigation related issues. The firm provides the representation services before different judicial forum. Further the firm also provides its professional services in the matter related to search and seizure and its related assessment. The firm is actively involved in providing tax-related advice on acquisitions, mergers, de mergers, absorption’s, slump sales, reorganisation and restructuring of businesses. The firm advices on the exemption and incentive related issue under the various provision for the Industrial undertaking, infrastructure  facility and for the units under the SEZ, EPZ, EOU, STPI and suggest the various compliance norms . The firm has a specialisation on the taxation issue arising of the offshore or onshore turnkey contracts in the power sector, Oil & Gas Sector & Infrastructure project like Roads, Airport, Dam and port etc.

International Tax & Dtaa Matters

The firm provides the Services of advisory and litigation in Income Tax matters covering International Tax and tax relief under various DTAA (Double Tax Avoidance Agreement) which India has entered into with various countries. The firm practices on the cross border taxation issue arising from Indian Income tax Act and its covering Direct as well indirect transfers of securities, FTS & Royalty issue , movable & Immovable property related issue, Business Connection issue, Permanent Establishment under DTAA, attribution, computation, exemption and deductions . The firm practices on the triangular issue of taxation with a focus on independent personnel, professional, Athletes, Artist, Sportsman and Government and Diplomatic consulate and UN and World Bank staffs. The firm handles the issue related to FIIS. The Partner of the firm is the member of the ITAT (Income Tax Appellate Tribunal) Bar Council and regularly appears in appeal matter before it. Apart from this the partners also appear before DRP, CIT (A), & AAR.

Transfer Pricing - Study Report And Litigation.

The firm is engaged in the Transfer pricing audit and preparation of the transfer pricing study report covering the international transaction as well as Domestic Transaction.  The firm has a dedicated team comprising of the expert in the different subject domain including the MBA and Economist who dwell upon the extract the best in the reporting and pricing. This team has worked on the capacity building and is competent to raise the best defence in case of litigation by the Revenue. The partner of the firm appears before the Dispute Resolution Panel and Tribunal to represent the matter.

The firm undertakes the assignment for the determination of the arm length pricing for both the tangible and intangible related matter covering intra group services and shared services.The firm intends to represents the client in the APA (Advance Pricing Agreement) related matter covering both the unilateral and bilateral matters and appear before the competent authority appointed under DTAA.